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March 15, 2011

Coffee Maker – Made in USA

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My research on coffee makers once indicated Nesco’s coffee maker was Made in the USA. They now only make the Coffee Percolator. Open Country Brand.

Some Bunn products are assembled in the USA. See what Bunn has to say. This link will take you to their explanation and tell you which products are assembled here in the USA.

18 Responses to “Coffee Maker – Made in USA”

  1. patty collesano Says:

    I want a coffee pot MADE IN AMERICA BY AMERICANS WITH AMERICAN MATERIALS I will not buy anymore chinese etc coffee pot

  2. Latrice Says:

    The purchases I make are entrleiy based on these articles.

  3. R M Burrow Jr Says:

    Where can I find an American made electric coffee percolator and a good American made toaster?

    The Farberware coffee percolator lasts only a year and costs $80 at Macy’s. The Hamilton Beach toaster costs approximately $25 (at walmart) and quits after 6 months. Both of these are chinese made crap. The warranty is worthless.

    My late uncle’s Farbarware percolator (US made)is probably 40 yr old and is still working.

    Don’t mind paying for quality products that last but I am tired of seeing nothing but chinese crap everywhere.

  4. k Says:


  5. Jpeters Says:

    I am amazed at how many things are posted as made in the USA when you search the websites but are actually made somewhere else. I no longer believe what the big box sites say.

    What a shame that they are willing to give up their credibility.

  6. Rita Says:

    Trust, but VERIFY is what we say. Check out what we ate Made in USA Certified are doing to help police the so called Made in USA manufacturers.

    We are a family owned business. Made in America is how have been living for years now. Join us! Demand to see the Made in USA Certified Seal.

  7. Buy coffee maker amazon Says:

    K-cups are generally modest plastic-type glasses which resemble a huge java creamer box. They contain just enough floor coffee in this hermetic pot to make one cup regarding caffeine. These types of …buy coffee maker

  8. Wanda Says:

    I have been trying to find a automatic coffee brewer/maker that is made in the USA.I am not having any luck. I am tired of paying for chinese products and keeping them in jobs while many of my fellow Americans cant get a job or at least a job paying a wage that enables them to afford a place to live and transportation.

  9. Michael Says:

    Apparently bunn is mostly made in usa

  10. MickeyD Says:

    I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and bought a 12 cup Faberware perculator. Read the instructions put some cold water into the pot, added coffee grounds plugged it in and it only perked for three minutes and crapped out. Going back tomorrow to Bed, Bath & Beyond — more Chinese Junk! Totally Worthless.

  11. Rose Says:

    Any new electric percolator is junk-not made to last; so you can go purchase another when it no longer functions. I’ve had 2 that stopped working properly after a year, one Farberware, one Presto. The vintage percolators are the ones that were made to last Too bad most of these have aluminum inner parts. You still see working percolators on eBay from the 30′s, 40′s 50′s-when America produced quality. No more. They are made to be disposable, which is unfortunate for our landfills. Like China cares about the big picture?

  12. Jeff Says:

    A company named medelco makes an 8 cup percolator coffee. It is made in the USA of imported and US materials. It is made from boroscillate glass. I just ordered one. As for toaster and a teapot check out jacob bromwell they ave a stovetop toaster that you on the stove burner and also sell a copper teapot in there special collection boh are made in the USA. Also ordered the stovetop toaster. I’ll get the teapot but it is expensive

  13. Paula Says:

    My first farberware pot lasted 20yrs+ Bought a new one which is crap-not working after a whole 6 months

  14. kumlama Says:

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  15. Dave H. Says:

    There are just a handful of companies that manufacture coffee machines left here in the USA. Most are for restaurants and offices..I think there is a 30 cup percolator I came across that’s all USA made.

  16. elaine Says:

    This site was not yoo helpful. :’(

  17. elizabeth lindsay Says:

    I want a coffee maker , made in the usa, I dont want assamble , ! thats not what I want.
    I want a caoffe maker trully made in the usa. what is the name of the brand .


  18. elizabeth lindsay Says:

    coofee maker trully made in the usa

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