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September 1, 2009

Smoke Alarms

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This week several folks asked about Smoke Alarms Made in the USA.

This is the information I’ve gathered to date.

So far I found this smoke alarm. I will continue to search for additional smoke alarms and fire alarm systems. Faraday Fire Alarms

Another…Farenhyt Though it looks like it might go with a fire alarm system.

7 Responses to “Smoke Alarms”

  1. Charles Cox Says:

    the best smoke alarms are the ones that use photoelectric sensors:~*

  2. Socket Set  Says:

    i would prefer to use those cheap ionization type smoke alarms on our home building:..

  3. Beverage Dispenser  Says:

    my preference would be photoelectric type smoke detectors because they don’t contain radioactive materials:~”

  4. Caramoan ยท Says:

    smoke alarms are always great investment if you want to avoid having your home burned to the ground _

  5. Hyperpigmentation Treatment %0B Says:

    “;. I am very thankful to this topic because it really gives useful information ,”*

  6. Jerry Monroe Says:

    Went to my local box store, it was sad to see no smoke alarms made in the USA !!!!
    I will be D-M if I will trust my family to
    china !! Cost is not a factor here. boils down to EXTREME GREED !!

  7. Kandi Says:

    their are some made in the USA but you can’t buy them in any store you have to have a fireman come to your house, why is that?????

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