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June 10, 2009

Telephone Made in USA – Can’t find it

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Sherry has asked if a corded telephone is made in the USA. I have been unable to find ANY type of phone made in the USA. If you have information on this type of electronic, please help us out!

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  1. DlbySur44 Says:

    Mar Communications Ltd. is HQ’d in Canada, but their site claims they mfr. their phones in the U.S. (products are under the name AirWay System)

    Or If you don’t mind the industrial look and some loss of the consumer features check this one out:

    under these links:
    -Industrial Telephones
    -Hazardous Area Telephones
    -Clean Room Telephones

  2. Yankee Says:

    Stefan offers this information…
    Corded telephones are no longer made in USA. However, they USED to be, by Western Electric, and they were made much better than the imports are now. When everything used to be under the Bell System, you rented rather than owned your phone, and if something went wrong (which it rarely did), they would just come out and exchange phones; the phone you got might not be new, but no matter. IMHO, people can buy a used Western Electric corded phone with a high degree of confidence that it will last AT LEAST as well as any modern imported phone.

  3. Dylan Says:

    There basic phones are still made in the USA. I’m not so sure about their more advance lines.

  4. Dylan Says: is the site.

  5. Monte Says:

    I tried the Cortelco company and their phones are “Made in China.”

  6. DrWho Says:

    The USA manufactured telephones are 2500 Desk and 2554 Wall Telephones ending with 20M. “M” indicates made in US. “MC” and “MD” indicate made in China.

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