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June 10, 2009

Bras Made in the USA

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Carol has asked if any Bras are Made in the USA. It appears as if there are a number of them. Try out the links below. The manufacturers have not yet been contacted, so ask questions before you buy!

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  1. Yankee Says:

    Here are some leads for Bras. I haven’t confirmed with each manufacturer. I’ve just sort of stumbled upon items advertised as Made in USA. To take the search a bit further, find the manufacture name and then do a google search on that to see if you can find other varieties of the same brand. Just be sure to verify that each style is “made in usa” because one brand can also be made in multiple countries.–77296/sku–289309/cm–GLOBAL%20SEARCH:%20KEYWORD%20SEARCH/

  2. Andrea Says:

    Andrea Raymond apparel make bras and is based in MA USA. Please add us to your list of American made bras.

    Kind regards,

  3. Darlene Says:

    Checked out all those Bra stores Those are all for women with very small breast and are all excercise or leisure bras. I need a support bra in larger sizes. Andrea yours are beautiful but I cannot purchase due to cost.

  4. Jill Herendeen Says:

    Footlocker’s sports bras are imported–it says so right on its item descriptions.

  5. Melissa Says:

    I agree that Andrea’s bra looks good, but $93! I can not pay that much money for a bra. And Darlene is right, these are all sports bras otherwise. I’m looking for a support bra made in the usa.

  6. Annie Says:

    Andrea does not carry my size and I can’t spend $93 on a single bra.

  7. Carol Says:

    I agree $93.00 for a bra is way too much. I would hate to get a quote for a custom made bra. I too am way to busty for what they offer at the other sites. I pray we can find a good bra made in the usa that we can all fit.

  8. 1 Says:


  9. Hilda Says:

    $93 is NOT too much to pay for such a beautiful bra made in the USA. Go to any dept store and you will see that brands names made in China, the Philippines, etc. are selling for $93 and above. If you want a cheaper bra then for Target or Kohl’s but don’t expect them to be made in the USA.

  10. Hilda Says:

    Ladies, look what I just found a Made in the USA bra for large busts.

  11. Annie Says:

    $93 dollars is WAY, WAY too expensive for made in America products, this is so irksome, I don’t know why made in America products are four time s the price of a normal bra. I’m a 36C so its not that much fabric. That is three months cell phone bill…..oh well maybe the price will go down, I own made in america stuff but it sucks I can only like buy one/two things a year!

  12. Michelle Says:

    I purchased a bra from Andrea Raymond – love it! Fits wonderfully and very comfortable. Well worth the money!

  13. John Garcia Says:

    Ok im a husband of a bra wearer I just spent 65 on a bra from Victoria’s secret, within 2 hours my wife had welts, I’d pay 100 dollars to keep my wife’s health, dont be ignorant woman, dont settle for mediocrity- you’re health doesn’t have a price. How much do you spend cleaning your car

  14. Vickie Bianco Says:

    I agree with John Garcia. I bought a few bras at Kohls. Each time I wear these, Made in China…I didn’t check when I bought them, but I get welts also. I acquired MRSA a few years ago and wonder if this is where it’s coming from.

  15. Anonymous Says:


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