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April 20, 2008

No Toaster “Made in USA”

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I just discovered this site claiming to sell the Avanti T-Fal Toaster oven Made in USA. Toaster Oven When speaking with T-Fal, they stated that they DO NOT MAKE ANY ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES in the US. Their official customer service comment was “you have to check the labeling on the box.” If you happen to find one with “Made in USA” label on it, it is likely an older model. There used to be a manufacturing site in Millville, NJ. It is now ONLY A DISTRIBUTION CENTER.

T-fal products can be found at Elder-Beerman, the Bon-Ton, Kitchen Collection,,, Chef’s Corner. Call to verify “made in usa” before buying on-line. Verify on box if buying at retail store.

Comments prior to 10/01/08
I am still not able to find a Toaster. Click more, to see about Refurbished Toasters, Imported Options, Commercial Toasters, and those brands that are definitely not made in the USA.

Refurbished Toasters
Imported Options
Commercial Toaster made in USA
Not Made in USA

Toaster Central refurbishes American made toasters and sells them.

Imported Options

Made in UK
Dualit – (Assembled in UK, with parts from China)
Found at Comfort House

Made in France
Magimix, the only retailer in north America is chefscatalog
UPDATE***** A blogger shares that this toaster is now labeled “Made in CHINA”

Commercial Toasters
The Hobart brand and Star Manufacturing brand of commercial toasters ARE made in the USA. However, I’m not sure how many of us need that much toast! The price of these things are $600+. It appears that Hatco toasters are also made in the USA. The TPT-120 lists at about $160. I am inquiring for a confirmation.

These brands are definitely NOT made in the USA.
West Bend
Hamilton Beach
Focus Electrics
Black and Decker
Hotpoint (GE)

27 Responses to “No Toaster “Made in USA””

  1. Michael Sheafe Says:

    I have many happy customers who are looking to buy a toaster made in the U.S.A. I refurbish toasters made in America, (and waffle irons too) during the 1920s through the 1960s. And, they aren’t made of plastic and they are not made in China!

  2. Joan Bartosik Says:

    You have listed Kitchen Craft incorrectly for both product and place of business. We manufacture and sell top quality waterless, stainless steel cookware. You will find our products at such communmity events as fairs, festivals home shows. Our corporate office is located in Florida and our factory is in Wisconsin. WE ARE PROUD TO BE AMERICAN AND SELLING AMERICAN-MADE PRODUCTS!

  3. Yankee617 Says:

    I stand corrected. Kitchen Craft products sold at the website are MADE IN THE USA. No toaster though…

  4. Yankee617 Says:

    Perhaps your products should be listed in our database! Please contact me through

  5. Clem Says:

    But, you can find a toy toaster made in the USA!

  6. Clem Says:

  7. Sara Says:

    Thanks, I found this helpful information.

    I believe your information on Magimix Toasters is out of date — I just purchased one from Chef’s Catalog and it is identified as being “Made in China” on the bo and the body of the toaster.


  8. Jason Says:

    Hatco makes very reasonably prices toasters in the US. Search the internet for Hatco Toasters.

  9. Carolyn Says: allows you to narrow your search by “Made in the USA.” They list 5 toasters made in the USA – are these correct?

  10. Kelsey Says:

    According to, the last US toaster manufacturing plant was shut down in 1993. Therefore, except for some commercial brands, there are no toaster ovens currently being produced in the USA.

  11. harold dailey Says:

    i have not been able to find a toaster made in U.S.A no wander our economy is in the shape it is in this site has been helpful

  12. Yvette Says:

    This is awfully frustrating. I am trying to find a toaster oven NOT made in china realizing that the only “toaster” made in USA is a wooden toy one. How sad…..

    I will continue my search….. if you find a toaster oven NOT made in china please let me know about it! Thanks!

  13. Mike Says:

    Actually there is now a wide slot toaster…looks like great quality made by Polytron of Indiana for Hobart. Here is the link:

  14. scott Says: allows you to narrow your search for Made in USA toasters and returns 7 items. I bought one and when it arrived, Made in China clearly printed on side of box. I have just requested a refund!

  15. Bruce Williams Says:

    I’m looking for a new toaster…..thought I’d try one made in the USA…..guess not. I found one where the parts are made in the UK and then it’s assembled in CHINA. Sad what has happened to this country.

  16. Mike Anderson Says:

    After years of search for different products Not Made in china I can say positively there are no non commercial toasters made in USA today. The best toaster on the market would be the Dualit “made in England” and cost $250-350. Hobart, Star and Hatco(most lines) commercial toasters are indeed Made in USA and cost between $500 and $1500.

  17. kh in ohio Says:

    Found this. Made in USA. Hatcomakes what we know as a “consumer” sized toaster. The TPT120 and 120R are well built and affordable. No you wont get them for China’s prices, but the 120 runs abt $160.00 and the one that makes Bagels abt 180.00. Made for smaller businesses that dont do high volume. Should last a lifetime I would think.I went to Amazon. typed in Hatco TPT. and search gave me these.

  18. Valerie Says:

    I just called Hatco, and they told me that their pop-up toasters are made in China. Everything else is made in the US, but not the pop-up toasters. :(

  19. Diane Woods Says:

    Am looking for a toaster that has one or two wide slots and two regular slots made in America. Does anyone have knowledge of such a unit? Thanks.

  20. Lowanda Says:

    Thank you for this site, I have been looking for made in usa and you can’t believe the box. I bought a toaster and toaster oven when I unpacked the toaster it was made in China. I looked under the t-oven and it was too. I’m taking them back to Macy’s today.

  21. Jim Wiegand Says:

    I can’t believe the American consumer is not offered products made in America. Why is it we only get the “Cheap Chinese junk”. I really miss the days when we were offered the “Cheap Japanese junk”, It usually lasted more than a couple months. We, as Americans, better wake up and demand products made in America. To paraphrase “The buck better stop here while we still have a here!”

  22. Viki Says:

    My T-Fal toastet is JUNK

  23. Carole Gruber Says:

    My old toaster died and I gave it to a recycling place, and now wish I had it back to see if I could find someone to repair it. I bought 1 toaster, which I returned, then a toaster oven that I also returned. I have searched Amazon and it seems that there are problems with all the toasters advertised. I sorely miss the days when a product was made to last. It saddens me to find that it is essentially impossible to purchase a toaster made in the USA.

  24. Terry Carr Says:

    Overstock is famous for fraudulent listings stopped doing business with them years ago they are still doing it on ebay today. Avoid the fraud.

  25. Terry Carr Says:

    I see the Polytron but I can bring myself to justify $285 for a toaster and no I haven’t bought another just been going without.

  26. Colleen McConnell Says:

    Not surprising but sad that I cannot buy a consumer appropriate toaster or toaster oven made in the U.S. I would have paid $100 for same…

  27. chopping boards Says:

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