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April 19, 2008

Made in USA Tea Kettle

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This weeks’ requests included where to find tennis shoes and Tea kettles made in the USA. Links are included.

The Tea Kettle was a tough one. I researched many brands. The Pfaltzgraff website really gives the impression that their goods are made in the USA. When in fact none of the pfaltzgraff brands are made in the US.

So is there really a tea kettle made in US? The closest contender is Medelco Brand. The parts are German, assembly occurs in the US.

5/23/09 – Another option…. The Chantal Classic Enamel on Steel is produced in Germany. This information comes by way of the Chantal Corp as of 6/6/08.

Chantal is now telling consumers that their products are made in Germany and Asia… per blog below 4/26/10

Thanks for asking! Keep the requests coming!

104 Responses to “Made in USA Tea Kettle”

  1. todd Says:

    Pfaltzgraff tea kettles are made in Thailand

  2. daniela Says:

    Nothing seems to be created in the “right” countries anymore. All the big (but not also medium and even small) companies find more profitable producing everything in the east of the world. And tennis shoes are no exceptions…. Even the fakes problem is nearly getting meanless, I think. Most of the times fake items are made in the same factories by the same workers and with the same materials. What’s the difference? This way you lose the enjoyment of having something special when you buy expensive top brand tennis shoes (or whatever else). I’m not sure Gucci tennis shoes are manufactured in Italy, for example. Most probably not, and I couldn’t find this information anywhere…..

  3. Linnie Says:

    Chantal is made in Germany and Asia, I emailed them and asked and that was their response. I assume Asia means China

  4. patt Says:

    farberware is made in the USA and has tea kettles priced right also.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve previously inquired on small appliances from Farberware with no luck. They are owned by Applica Consumer Products who is a subsidary of Salton. I believe all of Salton’s products are made over seas.

    If anyone has any definitive information or other resources I can check on the farberware products, please let me know so I can do the additional research. Thanks

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve read that Farberware is no longer an American company and products are made in China. I don’t know who to believe.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Here is a kettle made in France:

  8. Tea Kettles « Eco American Says:

    [...] I searched and searched, but apparently no tea kettles are made in the USA. According to Made By Yankees, “The closest contender is the Medelco brand. The parts are German, assembly occurs in the [...]

  9. Charlene Says:

    These tea kettles are not made in the USA but they are handmade in England. Reasonably priced as well.

  10. Aaron Says:

    According to williams-sonoma, chantal’s enamel on steel kettles are assembled in USA of German components. Definitely getting my girlfriend one of these… closest thing to domestic.

  11. Helene Says:

    Lehmans has a glass kettle, the glass made in Germany. The other kettle has no info. Medelco says their stainless steel tea kettle is made in China

  12. Helene Says:

    I just called Farberware customer service, and they say their products are made in China, Thailand and Hong Kong.

  13. Al Says:

    As per Chantal today, their Onyx enamel on steel tea kettle is the only one left made in Germany. My assumption is that when this not as popular color is depleted from inventory, it too will be made in Thailand. I cannot find a USA made tea kettle. At the $100 plus price range for Classic Chantal, one would think an American company could be competitive. Alas, our government stimulus packages by-pass such ideas. I would investigate Lehmans claim to made in England. Bottom line, if you want to be sure, travel to England or Germany or France. Otherwise, one might have to settle for Thailand or China. On the bright side, it is refreshing to note that many folks are looking for US made goods. Good for you and keep it up.

  14. George Says:

    I need to find a tea kettle made in the USA for someone in the family as a Christmas gift. The one she had that was USA made finally broke. Now she just boils water in a pot. Also if it is not USA made this person will not use it, and will be either thrown out or given to charity.

  15. JD Says:

    Just ordered a Monterey farberware tea kettle. It arrived today. It was made in China not USA. Though farberware was USA made.

  16. Aaron Says:

    All-Clad has a tea kettle. Most of theeir stuff is still made in the U.S., but I do know they have a cheaper line of China made goods. Not sure about the tea kettle

  17. Denise Says:

    All Clad says their tea kettle is made in China

  18. Helen Says:

    I was looking for a quality stainless steel tea kettle made in U.S.A.
    I thought all-clad would have the product but as Denise also found out they are made in China.
    This tea kettle Paula Deen brand spec says it is made in Canada.

  19. Helen Says:

    I did further research — on the Paula Deen site this kettle is listed as “Made in China”

  20. Yvette Says:

    There are Simplex Tea Kettles made in England. I have one and love it! Try doing a search for “sim;lex tea kettle”. I don’t have the home site, but you will find many listings of places that sell them. I am still searching for the usa made, too!

  21. Yvette Says:

    Woops – typing error. Search for “simplex tea kettle”. I accidentally inserted “;” in place of the “p”. Sorry!

  22. juliet Says:

    Simplex is now out of business. ):
    This is what happens when people don’t put their money where their principles are. People need to stop buying made in China child/political prisoner labor jumk.

  23. John Says:

    if half of all goods were made in the U.S.A.we could put a lot of Americans to work in the U.S.A.(GOD BLESS THE U.S.A.)

  24. Jasmine Says:

    Simplex was purchased by another UK company and will be back on the market later this year. The new owner has very limited old stock, but they were able to sell me a kettle. I emailed Lisa in customer care and she was very helpful.

    Good luck!

  25. susz Says:

    We buy all our products and antique stores or on line. We buy nothing buy made in usa. It can be hard, but it can be done.

  26. Sue Willis Says:

    I bought a coffee maker earlier this year, advertised as “Made IN USA” (Kitchenaid)from …..when I got it, it was made in china….emailed/called overstock. com and all they did was take the “Made in USA” proclaimation off the page of the particular coffemaker…no offer of apology. No offer to give me a RMA authorization…nothing! guess i won’t trust them anymore!

  27. Donna D'Amico Says:

    It is truly a disgusting situation when having to find something as basic as a teakettle, made in USA (or at least, not made in “Asia”) has become tedious, laborious, and demoralizing! I have been trying to find a teakettle for my mother, who has also resorted to boiling water in one of her 25+ years old pots, staunchly resilient to any non-USA and/or non-European made product. What a disgrace!

  28. Julik Says:

    Searching for an electric tea kettle not made in china for month’s now and no luck. Pathetic what it has come down to, that not a single company is willing to stay with quality products (at least one line) that is made in USA and see if there is a market, as by looking online and blogs there is a big market for US/European quality made products for premium price. Just plain depressing. Many products now don’t even say where they are made – how does that work??

  29. Kris Says:

    I was also looking for an American (or European) made teakettle when I came across this site. Now I know not to waste more time on this. When you think about the cause and effect of this lack of American manufactured products – think about this: the American consumer has always sought the lowest price; companies heard us and outsourced to cheap labor markets; bye bye American manufacturing jobs; bye bye good wages for the American workers. Now those Chinese made products aren’t as cheap as they were.

  30. peryn Says:

    I am so disappointed. I too will not buy a china-cheapy tea kettle. Looks like I will be boiling water in my 20 year old farberware pot. I just recently ruined my made in America stainless pot. Now that I know it can not be replaced I am sad. We have no one to blame but ourselves for the loss of American products and jobs.

  31. Patricia Says:

    Throw out or give to charity if not made in America.

  32. Daryl Says:

    This is very disappointing. How hard can it be to stamp out a stainless steel tea kettle, and charge a little more then the Chinese counter parts but have MADE IN THE USA stamped on it.

    Anyone have some engineering skills and access to a stainless steel stamping plant

  33. Lynn Says:

    how disgusting, can’t find a simple tea pot made in the USA…what’s wrong with us? when are we going to stop sending work overseas. We need jobs here, and a simply tea pot, seriously?

  34. Meera Says:

    How demoralising. I have also been looking for a kettle made in the USA. Even though I am British by birth, I now live in the States and want to help the local economy. It is saddening when you cannot even find something as simple as a kettle made here and we wonder why the economy has gone to pot.

  35. Michael Says:

    Well just started looking for products made in USA here …just bought Blend Tec blender…came with 7year warranty and is 1550watts or 3horsepower ..let’s see if china can compete with that…aslo bought Austin air purifier …ok this is pricy as well but made in Buffalo NY …this unit is hospital grade..and I have it on 24/7…no more dust! So nice…looking for tea kettle now…please America if u don’t buy American I think we will end up third world country in 10 years…please list other items you know that are USA made…be carfull because made in USA might only mean assembled in USA or Made in USA needs like 70% or something to have stamp on package ..

  36. Gia Says:

    Most of the time companies leave off where the product is made for the online in the description- you have to check with the company. I have sadly discovered that just because a company says their products are made in USA does not mean all their products are made here- As is the case with Farberware which no longer makes their tea kettle here and neither does All Clad. However in both cases the homepage proudly announces their products are Made in the USA. I have been searching for two years and counting trying to find a USA made tea kettle.

  37. Dianne47 Says:

    I, too, found this page via google: made in usa tea kettle. The monumentally disgraceful outsourcing of manufacturing to China will turn out to be the ruination of the USA. If the government wants to affect jobs, tax incentives for manufacturing here AND tax punishments for companies who manufacture overseas must be implemented. I’m looking for a kettle as a gift and simply cannot fathom that not a single one is made in this country. I wanted to buy my daughter a baby stroller recently and couldn’t find a single one made here, either. Phenomenally distressing.

  38. Maresa Says:

    Unbelievable!! Cannot find a tea kettle made in the USA.

  39. Mmm Says:

    The Medelco stovetop glass tea kettle was always made in the USA. They used to carry it at Target, but I haven’t seen it there lately. I think Bed, Bath and Beyond still carries it. You may want to email them at to make sure they still manufacture in the US.

  40. Robin Says:

    Me, too. I try to buy all American made. Often pricier but I’d rather pay more to keep an American working.

    I think I’ll try Etsy for the tea kettle. Now have this place bookmarked for future purchases. Keep the faith all!

  41. Anonymous Says:

    Homer Laughlin in West VA has kettles made in USA

  42. Yankee Says:

    Homer Laughlin makes the brand name Fiestaware, that is made in the USA. They do have a tea pot but it does not appear to be the same as the whistling tea kettle that most people are looking for. Also, I just saw a Homer Laughlin Tea Pot (made of metal) on ebay that was marked Made in Tiawan. Check and double check everything, companies change their manufacturing locations quite quickly!

  43. Joan Says:

    Well, I’m glad I landed on this site because now I know not to even TRY looking for a tea kettle made in the USA. I wanted to buy only USA made Xmas presents this year. Guess mom won’t be getting a tea kettle. Problem is: she has everything and she only asked for a tea kettle. What now???

  44. Lexi Says:

    I am from Oz and we r coming to US for Christmas with partners grandma, and I thought I would buy a kettle from the US to help the keep jobs in US. can’t live without a kettle and grandma doesn’t have one. I feel disappointed that I can’t find one, and I am annoyed that sites misrepresent kettles made in USA. Amazon advertises a breville kettle made in USA, disappointing, because I wish it was!

  45. Mmissy Says:

    Thanks for this info. Searching an HOUR online and every stupid tea kettle is from China. It’s ridiculous. Only hope is I guess enough people like us who will complain and not buy it which will force them to manufacture or assemble someplace where they don’t ship what seems like way too many toxic products. Using my stovetop pot for now until I find one.

  46. Richard Says:

    The following is the new website for Simplex tea kettles made in England. Prices $159.95 to $179.95 with $19.94 shipping to U.S.

  47. Lizzy Says:

    Medelco, Inc. is the closets to USA made products. They try their best to use USA products as much as possible. Not gunna lie, it’s really hard to find affordable things made in the USA anymore, but Medelco’s at least honest about the fact that not all their products are US based like most other companies “claim”. I’m going to get my mom a teakettle from there!

  48. EllenYarn Says:

    Thanks, everyone. I found Medelco tea kettles for the stove top. Assembled in USA. This is as good as it gets until American companies wise up. My Farberware cookware made in the USA is 32 years old. My Rival Crockpot, Sears flannel shirts, JC Penny wool blazers, Champion sweatshirt, Levi denim: all made in the USA, old but still working well. We will never see quality this good until US workers start producing these products again.

  49. Sheila Says:

    Hi, I, too have been looking for USA made (or if not – at least European made). Looking for a stainless steel teapot. No luck whatsoever. Finally, found the Frieling brand, all their stuff made in Germany, OK, that will do. No, No, No, the only item made in China – that’s right – the teapot. Why have the politicians done this to us? We need our skilled American crafts people back to work, making products that work and last. I am sick of Chinese junk!!!!!

  50. Gail Says:

    Nordic Ware has “Made in USA” bakeware. I bought a jelly roll pan couple of years ago and chose theirs specifically because it was made in America. I don’t know if they make tea kettles, however.

  51. Kathleen Says:

    Thank you to those who mentioned “Simplex” products. This company makes stovetop tea kettles. After spending over an hour researching tea kettles made in either the USA or Europe, I found this website. Thank you to all of you who did your homework. Most of the tea kettles I wanted were made in China, which wasn’t always evident. Bought a Staub, but is too small. Only holds a quart of water. Beautiful tea kettle though. So, I am looking forward to receiving my “Simplex” tea kettle, which is on backorder.

  52. MB Says:

    Actually, there is a kettle made in the USA but it’s waaay pricey. It’s part of the Saladmaster line – titanium. I’ve see it range from $398 down to $288 (on ebay). If any one is interested enough (and rich enough) here’s the link:

  53. LPC Says:

    Saladmaster Whistling teakettle is made in
    the USA. I believe all their cooking products are.

  54. Peter Says:

    Simplex is by far the best kettle I’ve ever had. Luckily they are back with new owners! It boils water fast, has a great whistle, looks gorgeous, and should last a lifetime, plus. I know people who have had one for decades, during the same period that I went through many cheaper kettles.

  55. Robert Says:

    Thanks everyone for their comments. Came here via Google search “tea kettle made in usa”. Enough was said here already.

  56. Cynthia Says:

    I use cast iron skillets and found that the Lodge Brand is manufactured in Tennessee and manufactures a tea kettle in black or red.

  57. Angela Says:

    I guess I will forget the electric tea pot &boil water in my very old “made in the USA” electric coffee pot! Did find table flatware MADE In THE USA! Liberty tabletop By Sherrill (they are back in production),

  58. Kathryn Says:

    Please note that reply no. 22 said that Simplex kettles are no longer made. They have just started up again, and so if you want a quality traditionally made kettle visit It will last for years and look great in your kitchen!

  59. Agamom Says:

    Just wish the Simplex kettles were electric! I looked through all the comments above but so many are not electric. If anyone knows of an American electric tea kettle – I’m still searching…

  60. kristine Says:

    McKenzie Childs in Aurora NY makes some beautiful yet pricey teapots and kettles.

  61. Bob Says:

    Go to Alessi. All of their products are made in Italy.

  62. Brenda Says:

    Primula tea kettle sold at Penney’s and the tea kettle
    made of stainless steel sold at The Vermont Country
    Store are made in the USA.

  63. Barb Says:

    Thanks to all you. I too am tired of the cheap,rusting tea kettles from China/Asia. Pray that we get a new govt admin. that will bring jobs back from China…thanks again.

  64. Sherry Says:

    I read that the BergHoff tea kettles are made in Belgium.

  65. Joan Says:

    I spoke to Customer Service at Vermont Country Store recently and she said the stainless teakettles are made in Korea.

  66. Sharon Says:

    I am going to try saladmaster, although they want you to have a dinner party. Lets see is I can just purchase the tea kettle. I wrote a letter to pyrex to see if they would start producing their glass coffee pot again, maybe we should all write to them and ask for the coffee pot and the tea kettle. Just a suggestion. Trying to keep it in America!

  67. Juliet Says:

    FOUND ONE!!!! (:

  68. Cindy Says:


  69. Kalee Says:

    This one doesn’t whistle but it is beautiful and 100% handmade and made in the USA just like everything else by this company:

    I have their dustpan and it is beautifully well made and should last my lifetime and probably my son’s too… They have lots of other good stuff for around the kitchen and house as well…

  70. John Says:

    Wow, I can not believe the is not one made in the usa whistling kettle! SAD

  71. Stacey Says:

    Okay… I’m looking for an electric tea kettle. I have called Medelco… made in China (”but” the glass is German).

    Hmmm… many of the electric kettles sold at JCPenney on their website say they are made in America.

  72. Joy Says:

    I’ve been having hard time finding products made in USA, but came across this website where they list companies that make American-made products.
    Here’s the link:

    Hope this is helpful!

  73. laura Says:

    China has concentration camps just like ww II
    Please see the link
    I too want a nice tea kettle that is not tainted

  74. Janet Says:

    Thanks to everyone for pitching in this info. I may buy a Medelco for my niece’s dorm room, although I’m a tad dismayed about the German glass. We can’t make glass?!

    I want to add one comment to the general conversation about Made in the USA: It’s about jobs and our economy, but it’s also about the overconsumption of fossil fuels. When you buy something that has parts from everywhere and is made overseas to boot, you are buying a VERY expensive product when it comes to our environmental well-being. There are lots of reasons to buy as local as possible.

    Love the site—thanks for being here.

  75. Diann Says:

    I have been looking for a Tea Kettle made in the USA for a while. I was about to go get a Farberware but in reading this site I guess they are not made here? The reason why I don’t want one from China is they don’t have the same rules as USA the chemicals they use etc…I’m determined, if I find one I will let you know.

  76. Charla Says:

    Found the website below that uses laboratory quality borosilicate glass from Germany and assembles the product in USA. That is fine with me – I just didn’t want anything from China as I don’t trust their products to be safe. I learned about this website from the 10/18/11 comment by Mmm.

  77. louis vuitton Says:

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  78. Ro Says:

    I’ve been looking for a US made electric tea kettle and I couldn’t find one. I came across this website and I think I’ll go with Medelco as #76 above suggested. We have to support US made products! This is a very good website. Keep it up!

  79. Ken Says:

    Place a Made in USA in their search engine on site and you will find alot..

  80. Claudia Says:

    Followed reccomendation of Juliet, found glass tea kettles starting at $20 made in USA with german glass product. Business in North Carolina.

  81. Claudia Says:

    This is a better link for all glass tea kettles:

  82. Jeff Says:

    Medelco assembles there products percolator coffeemaker and tea kettle in the USA. Bunn assembles coffeemaker using foreign and domestic parts. If you can’t find made in USA at least assembled in USA companies that assemble a product of foreign parts or domestic parts should be supported rather than a strictly foreign made product.

  83. Jo Anna Says:

    Just happened across this site when looking for a tea kettle not made in China. So glad to see other people refusing to buy Asian made goods, I sometimes think I am the only one!! Keep up the good work!

  84. Maria Says:

    Thanks Kalee. Your ref was perfect. A beautiful handmade copper kettle.

  85. Serena Says:

    I looked at one of the Medelco kettles and it was made in China.

  86. Serena Says:

    I just checked another reference here, Lehmans. I looked at their Large Spout Kettles. It didn’t say anything about being made in England, just said “Imported”, which probably means China since I think they would note if it was made in England. Thanks for everyone’s comments. What a difficulty to just find a good kettle made in the USA!

  87. Meredith Says:

    Chemex Coffee makers and kettle are 100% glass, made in the usa to this day. If you have an electric stove you will need to get their wire grid accessory to place on the electrice burner in order to use the tea kettle.

    From their website:

    The Chemex Coffeemaker was invented in 1941 by Dr. Peter Schlumbohm PhD. Made simply from non-porous, borosilicate glass and fastened with a wood collar and tie, it brews coffee without imparting any flavors of its own. On permanent display at MOMA NY and other fine museums, it is truly a work of art.

    We are a family owned company with our headquarters located in Western Massachusetts. It is here that we manufacture the Chemex Coffeemakers, Chemex bonded filters, Handblown water kettle and Chemex accessories to be distributed worldwide.

    Our mission is to provide superior coffee brewing equipment. The iconic Chemex has remained unchanged for 70 years and counting. We take pride in the quality of our product and customer service and look forward to providing both for years to come.

  88. Erica Says:

    Has anyone had any luck finding an electric kettle made in the USA? It’s 2013 and there still aren’t any?! Come on now! I have spent so much time looking and have given up.

    Try so hard to buy AMERICAN, but that’s hard to do when we don’t manufacture anything anymore!

  89. Matt S Says:

    I think I just found one made in the USA….saladmaster whistling tea kettle?

  90. Constantine Says:

    Electric kettle by nesco but I’m.not sure I would trust them,they use allot of foreign components

  91. Dan Says:

    Found this website.

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  93. Kristin Says:

    This company sells glass kettles made in europe. Love this company!

  94. Mary Says:

    Dan – your post on Feb 24, 2013 has a link to a list that includes non-american made tea kettles. Only reason I know is I recognized a couple .. one made in Italy which is better than China. But would prefer a REAL American made tea kettle

  95. WM Says:

    So I found this which is made in the US and looks gorgeous … Unfortunately it’s $350 (!). More of a work of craftsmanship than just a utilitarian kettle.

  96. Anonymous Says:

    Keep looking!

  97. Daria Says:

    Folks, I’ve been looked for a USA-made (or some other quality) electric kettle. No luck, but am not giving up hope.

    Many of you mentioned Chantal, so I emailed them to ask. Here’s the reply: “Teakettles are made in several countries.
    Classic Teakettles: Thailand
    Bridge Teakettles: Thailand
    Loop Teakettles: Thailand
    Anniversary Teakettles: Thailand
    Tea Ball Teakettles: Indonesia
    Stainless Steel Teakettles: China
    E kettle: China”

  98. Nora19 Says:

    Searching for US made kitchen products. Just found Chantal tea kettle marked Made in Germany – at least that’s better than Asia. Also, check out Tramontina products. Most are US made (cookware is great) and others are made in Brazil. Tea kettle is beautiful, even if Brazilian (better than China.)

  99. Mikedtw Says:

    Paul Revere, surprised not to find mentioned here? Website says made in USA. Copper bottom for quick heating, stainless steel body. Handle and trigger some kind of stay-cool material, all for +/- $23.00. Chemex glass pot is made in USA and other countries, be aware when ordering. The Jacob Bromwell $399 copper pot is a stunner, made in USA, lined with tin and said to be FDA approved, but online research on using metal to prepare food in says do not use tin.

  100. Nothingmadehere Says:

    Re: Mikedtw:

    Paul Revere is also now made in china. the reviews on reflect the buyers disappointment. I’ve given up my search for a USA kettle. :sigh:

  101. Carey W Says:

    I have been searching for a tea kettle for a few hours and finally resorted to buying a vintage 1960’s Paul Revere Copper Tea Kettle off ebay. Back in the 60’s the company was still making them here in the USA. Best I could do while maintaining a “NO CHINA” buying policy.

    Will have to go that route if you want a tea kettle made in the USA…its time to start voting with our dollars and DEMAND USA made products!

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  103. USA shopper Says:

    Helpful website. Thank you. I traced most name and website references all morning to find a made in usa tea kettle. Ultimately; I went to ebay and bid on old made in usa kettles. Also slamming Amazon listings with origin of manufacturing questions and this comment; China – BoooooO! Trickery listings! Don’t trust the Amazon and Google hits for made in USA, because they’re tricksters and don’t really allow that kind of search filtering. There was a few nice made in USA at the $350+ price point. So instead I bid on 3 of them on Ebay and even if I get all 3, that’s still cheaper than buying new made in USA. The 30+ yr old Revere ware is still kicking out on Ebay, while the made in China tea kettle reviewers on Amazon note almost instant failure with so many of those teapots. Also the German origin one may be misrepresented as well. Amazon reviewers state the company is deceptive and the teapot actually hails from Shanghai. Go figure. Your pal; Concerned American Citizen. ps. Don’t talk any made in USA politics unless you voted Ron Paul. You would be a hypocrite otherwise. Cee Ya. Colorado poster.

  104. USA shopper Says:

    Won the ebay bid! I’m getting a tea kettle not made in China, one way or another. HA!

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