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April 19, 2008

Made in USA Tea Kettle

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This weeks’ requests included where to find tennis shoes and Tea kettles made in the USA. Links are included.

The Tea Kettle was a tough one. I researched many brands. The Pfaltzgraff website really gives the impression that their goods are made in the USA. When in fact none of the pfaltzgraff brands are made in the US.

So is there really a tea kettle made in US? The closest contender is Medelco Brand. The parts are German, assembly occurs in the US.

5/23/09 – Another option…. The Chantal Classic Enamel on Steel is produced in Germany. This information comes by way of the Chantal Corp as of 6/6/08.

Chantal is now telling consumers that their products are made in Germany and Asia… per blog below 4/26/10

Thanks for asking! Keep the requests coming!

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