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January 1, 2011

Home Page – What’s in a Name?

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The name barely describes the essence of the Made in USA product resource website, but the tag line “Your Resource to Support our Work force” does provide clues.

“Our Workforce” - The hardworking Americans that are your family, friends, and neighbors

“To Support” - To give active help and encouragement, to be aware and consider purchasing products delivered by Our Work Force

“Your Resource” - To gather information, be aware, help locate Made in USA Products.

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In short, gathers information about American made products for you; to create awareness of products manufactured in the USA; so that YOU can support your family, friends, and neighbors who are manufacturing goods we need!

And our logo? The name, MadebyYankees, is derived from the term Yankee. The term has had various meanings throughout history; residents in New England; residents in the North East, United States; and not uncommonly Americans in general. The geographical area for which the name generally refers has its roots firmly planted in the industrial sector. That notoriety has not changed.

Though the term Yankee can often be uttered as a slight insult, it would be difficult to refute the industrial ingenuity that this country was founded upon. There is no denying that our industrial force all over the United States is what has and will continue to keep our country strong. The MadebyYankees name represents the pride of and for those committed to supporting America.

Search the Blog for discussions and research where products fall short of the "Made in USA" status. (The search function for this site is at the top of the column on the left).

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